April 5-10: Hoppy Easter

Don't forget to tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram! #StayingActiveinTheGrove

Sunday, April 5: Bunny Scavenger Hunt!
We need your participation for this to be successful! Please leave the bunnies up throughout the week.
  • Step 1: Please color, draw, or print a picture of a bunny.
  • Step 2: Put the picture up in your window (or anywhere on your property).
  • Step 3: If you have a Facebook, comment in the thread on Sunday where your neighborhood is.
  • Step 4: Go for a walk around your neighborhood to find as many flowers as you can!
  • Step 5: Post pictures of you or your family out on the hunt and tag #StayingActiveinTheGrove!
Monday, April 6: Virtual Cake Wars!
Make and decorate a cake or cupcakes at home! Remember, it's voted on style, decoration and all around looks since we can't taste test.
  • Take a picture of your cake/cupcakes and submit it on the FB thread on Monday or email it to bfranseen@village.cottage-grove.wi.us to enter into the contest
  • Keep an eye out for the voting link on Thursday to vote for your favorite cake/cupcakes. Voting open Thurs-Fri at 10AM.
  • The top cakes will be revealed on Friday after 12PM.

Winner: Josie's Easter Delights

Tuesday, April 7: Glacial Drumlin School Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt!
  • Click HERE for the scavenger hunt form.
  • Find the following in the GDS neighborhood, Main St, and HWY BB!
  • Take pictures of you or your family on the hunt and tag @CottageGroveParksandRecreation and use #StayingActiveinTheGrove!
Wednesday, April 8: At Home Bunny/Egg Hunt!
  • 1: Between yourself and each family member in your house, each person needs to have 5 Bunny or Egg themed objects. Have each person share which objects they have. Each person should then hide their 5 objects around your house/property.
  • 2: Allot an hour or even the day for each family member to find as many hidden objects as they can (you can not find/claim items that you hid).
  • 3: After your hunt, meet and show your family members what you have found. Whoever finds the most items wins!
  • 4: Share on Facebook or send bfranseen@village.cottage-grove.wi.us images of your hunt to share!
Thursday, April 9: Easter Snacks!
  • Click HERE to find some fun Easter snacks!
  • Pick your favorite one and send us a picture of how they turned out.
Friday, April 10: Family Board/Card Game Night!
  • What's your favorite board game and card game? Let's play!
  • Choose a new game to learn as a family.
  • Share with us what game you are playing - maybe another family would enjoy it as well!