May 11-15: Learn How To...

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Monday, May 11: Photograph Challenge! Sponsored by Oakstone Recreational
  • Click HERE to view free photography videos and freshen up your knowledge, if needed.
  • Using your camera and take a picture to enter into the contest by Wednesday at midnight.
  • Voting will take place Thurs-Fri at 10AM.
  • Winner will be revealed Friday around Noon for a $10 gift card to Oakstone Recreational in CG!

Tuesday, May 12: Learn How to Create a Pop-Up Card!
  • Click HERE to learn how to create a pop-up card.
  • Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Good Luck...all types of cards to make!
  • Share your creation with us on Facebook!
Wednesday, May 13: Learn How to Play Cribbage!
  • Click HERE for a short video tutorial and learn how to play Cribbage.

Thursday, May 14: Learn How to Tie Dye!
  • Learn how to tie-dye with Rit dye HERE.
  • Learn 3 easy methods of tie-dying at home HERE.
  • Share your tie-dye projects with us on Facebook!

Friday, May 15: Learn How to Play Garbage - Family Card Game!
  • Garbage is a simple card game for kids/families to play while in quarantine! 
  • Click HERE to follow a video tutorial on learning how to play.
  • Have fun!!