June 1-5: The Great Outdoors

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Monday, June 1st: The Great Outdoors Photo Challenge
  • Go outside and take take a nature picture or choose your best nature photograph to enter into the contest.
  • Submit you photo by commenting on our Facebook post with your photo or email your photo to sfrederickson@village.cottage-grove.wi.us by 11:59pm on Wednesday.
  • Voting will take place Thursday-Friday at 10am.
  • The winner will be revealed Friday at Noon!
Tuesday, June 2nd: Sunshine Scavenger Hunt
  • Color or draw a picture of the Sun shining!
  • Put your picture in your front facing window and take a walk around your neighborhood to find as many Suns as you can find! 

Wednesday, June 3rd: Build a Fort Outside!
  • Get outside and build a fort!
  • Use sheets or lawn furniture or boxes or other useful items to build your outdoor fort!
  • Share a picture of your fort with us on Facebook!
Thursday, June 4th: Trail Mix Thursday!
  • Make the provided Trail Mix recipe and show us how it turns out!
  • If you have any different trail mix recipes or variations that you personally like please share them in the Facebook comments so we can check it out!
Friday, June 5th: Family Picnic!
  • Find a nice green space outside to set up for your family picnic.
  • Once you find a space and set up show us your families picnic setup by commenting with a picture on our Facebook post, Feel free to include any picnic snack recipes!